Thursday, December 2, 2010

service.. last one

On my last service day, i noticed that none of the kids cared. none really cared that they wouldnt see us again. we played games, which got the most participation out of the WHOLE service experience. They didnt care that they might not graduate high school..and it got me thinking as to why? WHY DONT THEY CARE???!!! And i dont have an answer yet. I wonder if anyone else does?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Well its gotten to that point where we played a game that had nothing to do with OGT, i knew it was coming..but im not sure if i really believed it would happen...i love helping peolple, that was the whole point of me being put on this planet...but its gotten to the point i dont want to anymore... oh well. hopefully nextweek will be better.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So at service today, we talked about college options and what you should do to go about applying, and i was surprised to see how many kids wanted to do high powered jobs, like a lawyer, an OB/GYN and such things. This surprised me, because most of them were on their third or fourth try for the OGT. Not to say they couldn't do it, but i was thinking lets be realistic. But all the more power too them. Reach for the moon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog 6!!

In fourth grade i remember my teacher would give us so much homework that my backpack would weigh as much as me! Granted in fourth grade that wasnt that much, but still, thats heavy!!
this was one of the only grades that actually prepared me for highshcool. she made things interesting, and was actually a great teacher, with disipline, and and order. I loved her class!

service!!! :)

In service i have noticed a lack of interest, from the students, and from some of the tutors..i was thinking to my self, is this normal? should there be this lack of effort? a lack of interest? now i know it could be because some of the juniors in high school cant read, which scares me, quite literally to death, but there has to be some fire underneath them to want to graduate...

Im not sure if i'll see it anytime soon...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So one thing that sticks to my mind, is the orginal "IQ" test. The orginal test was made to see who needed more help in education, and now it is used to see who is "smarter" or more apt at certain subjects.  This is not how education should be.

this was put on the wrong blog

Thursday, October 7, 2010

service II and timeline two

while i was coming back from service i was thinking, wow these kids are really smart. and why would i like would i  be able to help them? while thinking about this i was reminded about the second time i wanted to be a teacher.

by loving kids, and helping them learn to love themselves.

well, i forgot to actually mention the fact that My Time Line momnet, was that, while i was helping the kids at service, i had a flashback with my 6th grade teacher.
      he was talking about angles, where he had said that think of angles of some pie, or cake. he was relating angles to our tastebuds. which was a great way for me to understand my actual knowledge of angles. i took that idea and applied it the FATIMA kids, i said well when your biased you only see one side, so i related it to music.
by doing this i actually rememebered one of the first times i really liked teachers, and  how they could actually makes kids want to learn.